Flex Object Translator Download

This is the download page for the FLEX object translator. This is a class that I created in FLEX 2.0 which lets you maintain strong typing of classes from the webservice through to your FLEX application. What this does is it matches up classes that you get from your webservice with classes from your FLEX application and automatically pumps values into those data objects based on passing in the class name.

I found that this was the easiest way to get my values into discreet objects. If you use coldfusion, one benefit this has is that it allows you to have your FLEX objects in the case that you want them in. Coldfusion typically uppercases all values that get sent out through the webservice, especially when you use structures or other such objects. this can be quite annoying. This class gets around that issue, by matching up the full uppercased name with the values from the class that you give it.

You can read my tutorial on how to use this, as well as download it and use it in your application. I will post updates to the class soon, to update it for FLEX 3.0, though admittedly, it is of less value now that you have the FLEX web service profiler (good stuff!).

Object Translator

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