Great Start-up seeks Engineers in San Franciso

We need world-class software engineers to help deliver innovative content and community applications. You will work closely with other industry visionaries to create compelling new features and first of their kind solutions. If you like tinkering with widgets and Java is more than a drink to you, this is where you want to be!

Your responsibilities will include: • Actively participate in all phases of the software development lifecycle to develop cutting edge solutions • Collaborate with the product managers in the realization of new products by developingboth the technical specifications andsoftware solution • Participate in establishment of software development standards and processes • Support business partners in the creation of new interfaces and delivery channels • Drive the evolution of our unique mobile content delivery and advertizing platforms

Qualifications: • Experience programming and developing highly scalable applications written in Coldfusion and Java. • Demonstrated ability to work within a large engineering team and share opinions in a collaborative manner • Must have good oral and written communication skills • Must be able to work in a quickly changing and fast paced environment • Experience building international applications is desirable • Strong hands on SQL relational database experience (Sql Server, Oracle, MySql, Postgres) • 5+ years developing web server-based applications using Coldfusion and Java • Must have knowledge of and experience working with web services; that is, coding, planning, and consuming. • Essential technologies: Coldfusion, FLEX, AJAX, Prototype, Postgres, CSS • Bonus Technologies: Java, Python, PHP, Linux • A BS is required.

About the Company The company is venture backed and provides a powerful web-telephony platform that seamlessly integrates SMS, IM and voice into a single hosted system compatible with any carrier or handset. Through its patented technology, the company provides a suite of communication widgets and services such as phonecasting, audioblogging, microblogging, instant and large scale group communication (calling & texting) as well as mobile advertising (SMS and audio interstitials).

Please respond directly to me.

Adobe looking for Beta participants for CS3 Certified Associate Program

Adobe is looking for Beta program participants to help them refine the test for certification. It's a great opportunity to get certification for free and help out the community by making the test the most appropriate test it can be.

-------------------- from Adobe ------------------------

Our CS3 versions of the Adobe Certified Associate are in the beta process right now and we need your help to spread the word so we can get enough participants. The exam in beta right now is the Rich Media Communication using Flash CS3. Starting later this month, Visual Communication using Photoshop CS3 will start its beta and next month Web Communication using Dreamweaver CS3 will begin.

Beta participant benefits include

*Eligible to receive certification on the NEW Creative Suite 3 at no cost! *Set a successful foundation for life-long learning in the digital-media-21st century *Validate skills in one or more areas: Web Communication, Rich Media Communication, or Visual communication *Insure the user experience by providing feedback in the Post-Beta survey

To participate in the beta, participants MUST fulfill the following criteria:

1. Be native English speaker (or native-level English speaker) 2. Intermediate level knowledge with current or previous version of Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash or Adobe Photoshop applications.

Have any customers you feel would be interested in this sign-up for the beta exams by sending an email to with the following information or go to

1. Contact Name:

2. Contact Email address:

3. Contact Phone number:

4. Address:

5. City:

6. State or Province:

7. Country:

8. Organization Name:

Adobe Air and Flex 3 preview

I woke up this morning and got this in the mail. Looks like the Flex team is ramping up to pushing Flex out the door. I'm really looking forward to being able to use some of the new Flex features in prod. The testing tools are quite nice as well.

The Flex show is going to be here in the bay twice on the 21st in San Fran and 22nd in San Jose. Should be fun... see ya there.

--------------------- mail below -----------

Flex 3 and AIR are getting close to launch and in preparation, the Adobe Platform Evangelist team is traveling to select cities to show off the great new features and some brand new demos.

Flex 3 is a feature-packed release, adding new UI components like the advanced datagrid and improved CSS capabilities; powerful tooling additions like refactoring; and extensive testing tools including memory and performance profiling, plus the addition of the automated testing framework to Flex Builder.

Adobe AIR is game-changing in so many ways, extending rich applications to the desktop, enabling access to the local file system, system tray, notifications and much more. Now you can write desktop applications using the same skills that you've been already using to create great web apps including both Flex and AJAX.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to see and hear about this highly anticipated release of Flex 3 and AIR during this special pre-release tour. Plus, in addition to giving away some one of a kind Flex/AIR branded schwag, we will also be raffling off a copy of Flex Builder 3 Professional (pending availability) and a full commercial copy of CS3 Web Premium at this event!

Check out the comprehensive listing of dates at to see if the tour is coming to your city!

Buzzword Presentation - online document collaboration

Just saw this presentation on that product that does the online word processing in flash. It's called Buzzword and it's make with flex components. I've seen this thing before at different presentations that have been made at various Adobe events. However, there's a presentation out that you can watch that shows the product in action. It has some pretty cool features, among those is the feature to resize and place pictures. One thing that always seems to be a pain is trying to get proper placement of pictures in a document that you're working on (especially with ms word). Maybe you've had better luck at it than i have, but Buzzword makes it look really easy to place the picture anywhere you want.

Other than that, the biggest feature is being able to collaborate on your documents in realtime with tracking and change history. try doing that on ms word.

You can check out the presentation here:

Please help by taking a survey for Flex 360

Hey, my friend Tom Ortega (founder of the Flex 360 conference) is taking a survey on how to make the Flex 360 conference the best you've ever attended. So far they've had two and i know they are working on more.

Here's a link to the survey:

Your answers to the survey I'm sure will help him make the conference even better and more responsive to your needs.

high scalability - use cases

A friend of mine just pointed me to a website today with a lot of information about scalability. What looks most informative and interesting is that it has use cases from some of the big website names and how they deal with scalability issues.

The website is:

probably one of the most interesting reads there is the article on database "sharding", where to achieve maximum scalabiity, you part out your database in smaller chunks on more midrange servers. makes for a good approach. Rather than scaling up, you scale out. you can use midrange or low end hardware and you minimize bottlenecks.

definately a good read if you have 5 minutes on your hands.

beware the dash

At christmas (about 4 months ago) my wife got me an awesome present. she got me a new phone. It's not one of those measley phones that just call people. NO, it's one of those wake up in the morning and serve you buttered toast kind of phones. it's a t-mobile dash. The thing functions great and has everything on it but the kitchen sink. Now mind you it's probably not as snazzy as one of those new fangled iPhones, but it does some really nice things. 1. it has a full qwerty keypad on it (which i love.. i have a hard time with those half keyboard things). it has bluetooth, camera (both video and still), it has wifi access, browser, can connect to your email, open attachments, full calendar, scheduling. It runs on windows mobile, the thing is plainly awesome.

Except for one thing. It breaks. A lot. In the 4 months that i've had the thing, the screen has broken twice. First time, about 2 months ago, I had no earthly idea how it broke. I looked at it before I got in my car and the screen was in perfect condition. when I got out of my car an hour later.. screen broken, and not a scratch on it! T-mobile however was great they sent a replacement, and I got it in 3 days, it was great..

Now again, this morning.. I turn it on and it has a cracked screen. I'm pretty sure how it happened, it was in my pocket and i bumped up against my desk. I think that was it. This thing is a featherweight.

So now i face a conundrum... this thing obviously can't take the stress of actually being a phone so do I replace the phone (or fix it) knowing that it'll probably get broken again or do i bite the bullet and get a completely different phone, one that can handle a bit of roughing up. My advice... stay away from the featherweight and go for something much more sturdy... sheesh...

my first post

This is my first post on the blog. hope you like it

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