Flex 3 (Moxie) now out in public beta

Check it out! Flex 3 is now out in public beta. Go download it! now! :) Flex 3 has some pretty awesome improvements that it's seriously worth checking out.

Download the new Flexbuilder 3 moxie app here. http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flex/flexbuilder3/

and here's a good overview of what's new with flex builder 3:


A couple of the neatest things that i'm excited about are the webservice introspection and the code refactoring. The web service introspection is huge. this allows you to point at a webservice, and then flexbuilder goes and creates a whole set of objects for you to use allowing you to keep strong typing over webservices. The best part is that it seamlessly transfers values over to the internal classes.

So Nice!

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